Frequently Asked Questions

You can find your wheel size printed on the side of your bike tire (sidewall). For example, in the image below it is 2.2X27.5". In this case you would order a 27.5" wheel size for your E-Switchy kit.

electric bike kit wheel size best for ebike conversion kits

E-Switchy conversion kit has been carefully designed to fit as many bikes as possible. All E-Switchy wheels are designed to be compatible with any brake type, including rim brakes as well as disc brakes.

  1. Wheel Size.
  2. Hub and Fork spacing.
  3. Fork Dropout Type. (read NOTE)

Choosing Your Wheel Size:

We offer all of the most common wheel sizes including; 700C (or 28"/622 in Europe), 29"(29er - usually for mountain bikes), 27.5”, 26", 24", 20" and 16". You can find your wheel size printed on the side of the tire on your existing wheel.

Hub & Fork dropout:

Must be the conventional open type as shown in Fig.1 (U shape likely seen on most of bikes).

Fork spacing: consists of two measurements

a) Must be 100mm or 3.9 inches or greater (standard for most bikes). To confirm fitment, check spacing of the fork between two metal arms that hold either side of the front wheel, if the space is at least 3.9" then should fit great!

b) Since the motor on the wheel is a little taller than standard non electric hubs, then you need to measure from the bottom of the forks upward 3" (above the dropout) then from that point measure across from one fork to another the distance in between should be at least 3.5" across in order for the top part of the motor not to get in contact with the fork. Refer to Fig. 2 for details.


  • If it's within the maybe category 3.5" or narrower up to 3 1/8" then you may likely need to add an additional spacer(s) which are included in your kit in order to prevent any contact with the forks. We have fit the wheel kits as little as 3 1/8" spacing on the top measurement but it does require adding multiple spacers on the inside of the forks.
  • Generally most open dropout (U-shape) inner distance (where the axle of the kit drops in) measures 9.5mm or 3/8" which is the standard size for most bikes. The E-Switchy axle is designed slightly smaller in order to fit into the open dropout comfortably, the measurement is 9.0mm or 23/64" for the E-Switchy axle. However, some carbon fiber frame 700C wheel size, fork dropout opening tends to be slightly tighter or smaller than our E-Switchy 9.0mm axle. This may not seem to be a big difference but if you have less than 9.0mm size dropout then you may need to file down the inside of the dropout in order to remove a thin layer of paint so that it can fit comfortably.
fitment for an electric bike kit fork must be open dropout
electric bike kit fitment for e-bike fork

Our E-Switchy kit are 36 volts and the motor power is 250 watts. Which is just enough to clear any hill. Thanks to advanced technology and powerful zero resistance motor, we are able to make the most out of the performance. A speed of 28MPH can be reached. This is a great power for steeper hills, faster commutes & carrying bigger loads. The pedal assist is more powerful than using just the throttle. On the steep uphill, it is advised to use the pedals and take advantage of the power the pedal-assist system provides.

E-Switchy kits have a maximum speed of 28 mph.

Speed may vary depending on multiple factors, see FAQ page "PERFORMANCE DETAILS"

Performance may vary depending on multiple factors such as weight, road conditions and slope, power settings, etc.

The following performance are tested with a 150-pound rider weight on a flat paved surface, with no wind, using the pedal-assist mode at a 30% assist power setting.

E.g: If a rider is 180LB and parts of the road has uphill slopes and the pedal assist power is set greater than 30%, your battery range and speed will decrease (meaning you may not be able to reach the advertised range or speed). On the contrary, if the rider weight is closer to 150LB and parts of the road has downhill slopes and the pedal assist is set to no more than 30%, your battery range and speed will increase (meaning you may get greater than advertised performance).

Yes! All our kits come with durable tires. For example, on a 27.5” size wheel, you will be getting mountain bike-wide Kenda tires. For a 700C size wheel, you will be getting road bike tires. If you want to install your own tires, just switch it up! Our rims can fit a wide variety of tires, everything from skinny road tires (25 mm minimum) to big 2.2" mountain tires.

Yes! You can simply turn off your battery and pedal like a normal bike. Since the kit weight is about 13 pounds total, your bike will feel the same as before and you do not have to put any extra effort in pedaling.

Yes, the kit comes complete with everything you need to complete installation, it also includes additional accessories all included. You do not need to purchase any additional parts.

  • Switch One – 55 miles
  • Switch Two - 37 miles
  • Switch Three – 75 miles

*Mileage rates are based on a 150-pound rider on a flat paved surface, with no wind, using the pedal-assist mode at a 30% assist power setting. Your mileage may vary based on multiple factors. For the best possible mileage range, we suggest pedaling anytime the motor is engaged with no more than 40% or lower on pedal assist settings.

  • Switch One (30cell) - 4.5 Hours
  • Switch Two (20cell) - 2 Hours
  • Switch Three (30cell) - 3 Hours

*Times are tested from a completely empty battery.

Before we answer this question please note that you can always add your original tire that came with your bike onto the E-Switchy rim. You can easily swap tires just as you would on your original rim.

All our E-Switchy models and sizes come including tires. The tires brand are all KENDA and the width of the tires are as follows:

16",20",24",26",27.5",29": 1.95" diameter tire

700C: 35C diameter tire

But again, you can use your wider tire size e.g. 2.2" or larger on the standard size E-Switchy rim.

Use only the provided charger. Plug it directly into the wall, do not use extension cords or power strips. Once the green light on the charger comes on, go ahead and plug the barrel end into the battery. When the charger is connected to the battery the light should turn from green to red to indicate that it is filling up the battery. As soon as the battery is full the light will turn back to green so you know it's fully charged.

You can charge whenever you like! All of our batteries are smart batteries with no memory effect, so there is no need to drain it fully before recharging like you would with older battery types like NiCad or others. Note: If you are putting the bike away for the winter or just know you won't use it for some time, we suggest charging it fully first and storing it indoors. For the absolute best life of your battery, we would also suggest plugging it back into the charger every month or so to keep it fully charged. Do not keep your battery plugged, when it’s fully charged unplug it.

Yes! you can choose both options by a simple push of the a button.

If you need THROTTLE power only - select from either your LCD display or your APP power level to 0%. On the display press the bottom arrow down until you see 0%. On the APP scroll the center bar all the way left while on manual mode to read 0%. By doing this there is no pedal assist function, only throttle power!

If you need PEDAL ASSIST function - select from either your LCD display or you APP any power level 1% (anything other than 0%). This will allow the pedal assist function to be activated. You can go all the way up to 99% (lots of pedal assist power).

Note: During pedal assist function, you can always use your thumb throttle power as well if desired.

Yes, all E-Switchy wheels are disc brake compatible with standard spacing and 6-bolt rotor attachment. The E-Switchy kit is compatible with all types of braking systems, so it does not matter what type of brake system you have on your bike as it is compatible with all the types including disc brakes, V-brakes, coaster brakes, caliper brakes, hydraulic brakes, rim brakes and many more!

The E-Switchy kit is compatible with all types of braking systems, so it does not matter what type of brake system you have on your bike as it is compatible with all the types including disc brakes, V-brakes, coaster brakes, caliper brakes, hydraulic brakes, rim brakes and many more!

Moreover, if you have a disc brake setup it will work on any disc brake type, the kit comes with a disc brake rotor included, simply install the provided rotor onto the E-Switchy side of the motor and it should be a direct fit without needing to do any modification to your calipers.

Yes, the E-Switchy kit is compatible with all types of braking systems, so it does not matter what type of brake system you have on your bike as it is compatible with all the types including disc brakes, V-brakes, coaster brakes, caliper brakes, hydraulic brakes, rim brakes and many more!

No. The App is recommended buy not required. Initially we recommend using the app during the setup phase, this will allow you to set up the proper (rider weight, bike weight, search for any software updates, calibrate the wheel, etc) once you completed the setup, you do not have to use the app every time you go riding. Simply turn on the kit and it will automatically remember the settings that you input on the app. You can also use the kit via the throttle cable, that does not require any app, though you may not get the most accurate performance but the kit will be fully functional.

We all lost someone or know someone that has been diagnosed with cancer. We personally did, the owner of E-Switchy lost his father to panceratic cancer and this is why at E-Switchy we are determined to help find a cure of cancer especially pancreatic, we found Lustgarten foundation to be the most suitable as all donations go directly to funding the cancer research itself.

We donate a portion of each sale to a cancer foundation. By buying from us, you are aiding in finding a cure for cancer!

No, our kits do not require any PAS or Cadence sensors. This was old technology, our sensors are embedded into the motor, this innovative and advanced technology uses 6 - Axis gyroscope motion processing chip a highly sensitivity speed measuring magnets for precise speed measurements and momentum detection to ensure a very accurate power delivery based on pedaling power and road conditions.

No, you can select power up to 99%. However, for safety reasons to the rider and surrounding area we recommend 30% as the kit is quite powerful.

Follow the step by step guidance for the app setup during the initial setup video: E-Switchy LCD display and APP setup

A good way to know if your LCD display is connected properly is to open your APP home page screen and tap on "Device" at the bottom of the page. A triangle showing the a bike, a motor and a display. If all 3 are showing in green color then you know you are connected and synced.

If you are not connected then simply tap "Add Device" and it will automatically scan for your LCD display and bind to it if it's turned on.

Note: If you are connected properly, if you change the LCD display power level, it will automatically change to match the same power level automatically in the APP and vise versa.

We understand that you may want to get the best out of your kit but any modification outside of our recommendation will void any warranty to your kit.

The kit is only about 13 pounds most bicycles are about 20LB so in total your bike will weight around 33LB with battery and all accessories installed. This is still a very light weight compared to traditional fully electric bikes that can weight up to 100LB! With E-Switchy kit you are still maintaining a lightweight bicycle that you can carry around, pedal easily like a normal bike and be able to hang your bike on a bike rack without worrying about being overweight.

See below list of countries we ship to:

- USA (including Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Islands and Hawaii)



- EUROPE (France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, U.K)

- SOUTH AMERICA (Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela)

- CENTRAL AMERICA (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama)


The LCD display throttle has a screen that shows the trip distance information, speed, battery level etc. The display also allows you to select the desired pedal assist power level directly by pressing the up or down arrow.

The manual cable throttle however you must use your APP if you want to see information such as speed, battery remaining, etc. You will also need to use the app to select the desired power level if using pedal assist function. Otherwise, the manual cable throttle if used without the APP will only provide throttle power only.


- Power set at 0% you will get throttle power only (no pedal assist function)

-Power set 1% and above activates the pedal assist function. (The throttle is still functional while on pedal assist power)

We recommend a pressure around 35PSI. As the tire will heat up while in use and will expand, over pressuring the tire will cause it to pop and may cause the rider to lose control or create injuries.

The E-Switchy wheel is designed to fit as a standard size on your bike. So all our rim sizes are standard.

20",24",26",27.5", 29" (29er) and 700C rim width: 25mm (Outer lip to lip) and 18.7mm (Inner lip to lip)

ETRTO diameter details:

700C has a rim diameter of ETRTO 622mm

27.5" - 584mm

26" - 559mm

24" - 508mm

20" - 406mm

We do provide tire with all our E-Switchy rim, however you can install your original tire onto the E-Switchy rim if you choose to do so.

Yes! We can customize any wheel size for an additional cost.

A) For any standard 4" wide fat tire rim there is an additional $40 on top of the advertised price.

B) For any other fat tire wheel size that is NOT the 4" standard size eg. 1.5", 2", 3", 5" ect wide rim then there will be a $70 charge extra on top of the advertised price.

We can build custom fat tire wheel sizes for the following models and sizes:

Switch One:


Switch Two & Switch Three:


Yes! We can make rear wheel drive kits for Switch Two and Switch Three models. We cannot make rear wheel drive for Switch One model.

For the rear kits, you will need to have a minimum of 5.3" or 135mm diameter length from one end to another in order for the rim with motor to fit in between the forks.

There is an additional cost of $30 for rear wheel drive kits.

If you do not see your wheel size then here is a comprehensive list that would help you identify the proper rim diameter/ /ETRTO is below:

Wheel Size: 28" 29er 700C Rim Diameter / ETRTO is 622mm

27" / 27.5" / 650C - 584mm

26" / 650C - 559mm

24" - 507mm

20" - 451 (old style) 451mm

20" - 406 406mm

16" - 349mm


The wheel sizes 28”, 700C and 29er or 29” all refer to the same rim size: ETRTO 622.

The tires can differ, but the 28”, 700C and 29er are all the exact same rim diameter. The 700 markings will be followed by the width in mm, and the 28 or 29 markings will be followed by the width in inches. This is the most common wheel size, so look out for familiar markings (such as 28x1.75, 700x32C, 29x1.50). 

The E-Switchy tire ETRO is 37X622. If your original tire ETRO is the same, then it should be a perfect fit. However, some 700C tires are ETRO 35X622 which can lead to a loose fitment onto the E-Switchy rim. If you plan to use your original tire on the E-Switchy rim, please make sure it is a 37X622 tire.