electric bike kit installed on our bikes to explore the outdoors


Who we are

E-Switchy is an e-bike kit company that focuses on technology that is constantly being updated and improved by our talented team of engineers.

We are a company based in Los Angeles, CA. We use the latest innovative technology to focus on electric bicycle kits. Today we are offering an innovative electric bike kit that can turn any bicycle into an electric one. Tomorrow we will continue growing with new ideas and bringing new products that will change our customers' lives everyday.

"Instead of a customer paying $2500+ for an E-Bike, now they will pay significantly less price for an E-Switchy kit that is cable to perform similar or better performance by traveling the same amount of distance with a fraction of the cost."

“If we could come up with a kit that can be installed on any bicycle and give a better performance data for the fraction of the cost of a complete E-Bike, that would be a life-changing product”

Our Mission

E-Switchy seeks to develop exceptional electric bike kits, so you can go out there and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft our products. So make the switch to an affordable eco-friendly lifestyle that promotes sustainable energy.


After the company he worked for went bankrupt, he took the opportunity to explore the entrepreneurial world. After creating his first successful business venture MMB, he decided to tap into the market of one of the most innovative products today. E-Switchy was born.

electric bike kit installed on all the bikes of the cyclist enjoying riding their bikes using the e-switchy ebike universal kit


"We knew that this product will change the course of electric bikes. Converting your original bicycle into an electric e-bike cannot get any easier than this. Our kits fit 99% of bicycles. Our product's distance ranges from 37 miles from our basic kit to 75 miles from our advanced kits. An option of an extra battery can be added that will provide a 150 miles range! This is the highest range in the market today."

Our Values

As our goal is to always seek a more economical alternative to provide for our customers, always providing the most affordable price possible while maintaining the highest quality and satisfaction guaranteed.

Our quest in this project has changed our lives to always seek innovative technology and seek more efficient, cleaner ways to commute and we hope that E-Switchy products would also change your life in a similar manner whether you are a work commuter, exercise seeker, mountain bike adventure rider, or just enjoying the outdoors.

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