36V AC Plug Charger USB-C for E-Switchy Electric Bike Kit

36V AC Plug Charger USB-C for E-Switchy Electric Bike Kit

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  • Fast Charging: Charges your 36 Volts battery in less than 3 hours!
  • Optimized : for Lithium-Ion chemistry.
  • Lifespan: Included Charger ensures a long lifespan for your battery.
  • Compatibility: USB-C for S2 and S3 electric bike kit
Product Description

Ensure optimal charging for your electric bike with the 36V Charger: The Perfect Companion for Electric Bikes, eBikes, and Electric Conversion Kits!

The 36V Charger is a must-have accessory for electric bike enthusiasts, whether you're riding an eBike or have transformed your traditional bicycle into an electric powerhouse using a conversion kit. Designed to cater specifically to electric bikes, this charger is compatible with various electric bike kits, including the E-Switchy Electric Bike Kit.

Enjoy the convenience of efficient and reliable charging for your electric bike with the 36V Charger. It delivers the perfect amount of power to keep your electric bike battery fully charged and ready for your next thrilling adventure.

No more waiting around for hours to charge your electric bike. The 36V Charger utilizes advanced charging technology to minimize charging times, allowing you to spend more time on the road and less time plugged in. Get back to exploring the world with the confidence of a charged electric bike.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the E-Switchy Electric Bicycle Kit and other electric conversion kits with a USB-C port, the 36V Charger ensures compatibility and optimal performance. It's a versatile charging solution that caters to your electric bike needs, whether you're using a pre-built eBike or have performed a DIY electric conversion.

Ease of use is paramount when it comes to charging your electric bike. The 36V Charger features a user-friendly design that makes charging a breeze. Simply connect it to your electric bike's battery, plug it into a standard electrical outlet, and let the charger handle the rest. Charging your electric bike has never been easier.

Safety is a top priority when charging your electric bike battery. The 36V Charger incorporates comprehensive safety features to protect against overcharging, short circuits, and other potential hazards. Charge your electric bike with peace of mind, knowing that your battery is in safe hands.

Don't let a lack of power hinder your electric biking adventures. Keep your eBike, electric bike kit, or electric conversion kit fully charged with the reliable 36V Charger. Whether you're commuting, embarking on exhilarating off-road excursions, or exploring scenic routes, this charger ensures that your electric bike is always powered up and ready to go.

Experience the convenience and reliability of the 36V Charger for electric bikes.

Customer Reviews

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Thomas A.
Great quality charger. Highly recommended

I have purchased a S1 kit as well as S2 kit for my wife. We lost the chargers for both and ended up purchasing one of each. The S1 charger has the small round plug type while as the S2 charger is the USC-C connection. I received both of them in the mail couple of days ago. Never use any other local brand charger unless it's the specific charger of your E-Switchy kit! Chargers tend to be vary from one brand to another so make sure you get the one specifically made for your kit :)