2 Steps to convert

Replace the front wheel Mount the bottle battery and connect it with the front wheel cable.

5 minutes to install

Only one cable between the motor and the bottle battery.

Eswitchy switch two electric bike kit comes with battery lcd display and front motor hub powerful 250 watts and with long range mileage speed displayed led
easiest electric bike kit to convert any regular bicycle into the best ebike simply by changing the front wheel
electric bike matte black bottle battery looks like water bottle for electric bicycle conversion kit lithium ion cell
electric bike kit for any type of bicycle. that allows to convert a bike into an ebike in minutes. battery lightweight design with percentage of battery life.
electric bike battery with display showing the ebike battery percentage and a very sleek design matte black finish for e-switchy electric bike kit
electric bike adapter for ebike conversion kit fits all kind of bikes and trikes. ebike conversion in minutes
electric bike kit universal fitment electric wheel conversion kit to transform any bicycle into an e-bike

Switch Two Electric Bike Kit w/LCD Display (37 Miles Range)

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LCD Wireless Display & Throttle for E-Bike
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Handlebar Extension for LCD Display and Accessories (Ebike Kit Compatible)
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SHIMANO 6-Bolt Disc Brake Rotor 180 mm
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Variable Speed Throttle and Cable for Electric Bike
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Switch Two Electric Conversion Kit converts your original bicycle into an ebike in just two easy steps.

  • Speed : 28MPH
  • *Speed may vary depending on numerous factors, see FAQ page "performance details"                              
  • Range : 37 Miles (assist mode)
  • *Range may vary depending on numerous factors, see FAQ page "performance details"          
  • Weight : 13 lbs (wheel, battery, and accessories)                         
  • Motor Power : 250 Watts High-Speed Brushless
  • Battery : Portable and removable 36V 5.8AH Lithium-ion
  • USB Port:  Charge any device from the battery such as mobile phone
  • Charger : 42V 2AMP
  • Rim : Aluminum Alloy Hub & SKF Waterproof Bearing
  • Tier : Kenda
  • Waterproof : IP 65 Waterproof 
  • Anti Theft : Detection and remotely locking
  • Assist:  Throttle Power Driven OR Pedal Assist Function using 5 Intelligent Assist Modes
  • Fitment:  Fits most bicycles and trikes
Important: Reference the FAQ page for information about fitment.
*Disclaimer: The actual product may vary slightly from the images shown on the website. For example, actual colors of the tier letters may be in all in black, white, yellow, etc.
Product Description

Switch Two is a very easy-to-install electric bike kit. The Switch Two electric wheel kit easily converts your regular bicycle into an electric bike in 5 minutes.

Simply switch your existing front wheel to replace it with an E-Switchy electric bicycle wheel and mount the battery. This innovative and advanced technology, along with its compact and lightweight design, allows the rider to go a distance of 37 miles on a single charge with speeds up to 28mph! To charge, remove your portable ebike kit battery and charge it anywhere.

The e-bike battery has a USB charging port to charge any device, such as your mobile phone. Now, you can take that long drive without worrying about staying connected. The motor hub is disc brake compatible. You can power your wheel by using the thumb throttle or the pedal assist function.

E-Switchy electric conversion kit fits most bikes & trikes. These specs make our e-bike kit compete with the best electric bikes out there at a much more affordable price than regular electric bikes.

During a steep uphill, a signal is sent to the intelligent assist system to increase power on the highly efficient and lightweight 250W E-Switchy motor. On a downhill, the system shuts down to save energy. Use your own regular bicycle to convert it into an e-bike using the E-Switchy electric bike kit. This will be the best e-bike you will ever own!

It fits almost all types of bicycles. Whether you are using a mountain bike MTB, hybrid bike, touring bike, folding bike, utility bike, fixed gear, fixie, bmx, cruiser bicycle, recumbent bike, a road bike or even a trike or a tricycle.. Just Switch It Up!

Converting to an e bike has never been easier - Just Switch It Up!

Some popular bicycle brands that customers used the E-Switchy kit to convert there bicycle into an ebike are Bianchi, Diamondback, Electra, Giant bikes, Pivot Cycles, Trek bikes, Raleigh, Cube, GT, Specialized, Canyon, YT, Fuji, Salsa, Kona, Cannondale, Marin, Scott, Surly, Yeti, Norco, Felt, Ibis, Orbea, Niner, Liv, BMC, Polygon, Vitus, Nukeproof, Devinci, Cube, Ghost, Huffy, Jamis, Mongoose, Schwinn, Seven, Shimano, Soma, Haro, Gary Fisher, Ellsworth, Klein, Rocky Mountain, Kent, Dynacraft, Arvakor, Hyper, Decathlon and much more.

electric bike kit that converts any bicycle into an electric bike

Innovative Technology

During a steep uphill, a signal is sent to the intelligent assist system to increase power. On a rolling downhill, the system sends a signal to shut down the motor to save energy. On a flat surface, once brakes are applied the motor shuts off in 10ms, that’s faster than a blink of an eye. Part of the intelligent assist system are 5 different modes that you can use (Leisure, Exercise, Commute, Climbing, and Manual).


LCD Wireless Display and throttle allows you to view your speed, distance, remaining battery, time and adjust your power settings all from your display instead of using your phone.

universal fitment electric bike kit is the best of 2023
  • Stainless steel heavy duty spokes
  • Double-wall rim.
  • Inner nylon rim tape that provides extra protection against flats.
  • Kenda tire & tube is included.
  • The wheel is compatible with rim brakes or disc brakes.
Intelligent Motor
  • Shockproof & Waterproof 36V E-Switchy 250 Watt Electric Motor
  • Intelligent slope detects – automatically increase power during an uphill and shuts off power during a rolling downhill to save on battery consumption and increase motor life.
  • Lightweight & compact with powerful size to torque ratio
  • 28 mph top speed
  • Pedal-assist - Doubles your pedaling power
  • Throttle function – no need to pedal
  • Long lifespan
electric bike kit motor unit inside the E-switchy ebike conversion kit
Switch two electric bike battery for ebikes
Super Smart Bottle Battery
  • 36V 5.8 Ah Lithium-Ion battery
  • Shockproof & Waterproof wrapped in an aluminum case with durable interior and exterior.
  • Range approximately 37 miles
  • Weight only 3 lbs
  • Innovative design - Water bottle or thermos shaped battery that is hardly noticeable
  • USB charging port for your phone – under the lid of the bottle battery
  • Power button - turns the battery on/off
  • Measurements - 10.5x3" (270mm x 75mm)
Battery Holder
  • Shaped just like a water bottle holder
  • Direct fit and installs in the same location as your bottle holder on the frame. But can also be held in a basket, bag, or wherever else you would like to place it on your bike.
  • Controller connections - built into the base of the battery holder.
  • Steady power
  • Maximum efficiency - giving you a longer range.
  • Traction control - controls power by limiting how much the wheel will slip or spin on gravel or wet leaves. Increases safety and is designed for all-season use as well as on wet roads.
controller for electric bike battery used for our e-switchy ebike wheel kit
electric bike cortex arm m3 main chip
  • Industry leading and most advanced electric bike chip
  • 6 - Axis gyroscope motion processing chip
  • Highly sensitivity speed measuring magnets for precise speed measurements

Switch Two

Fastest conversation kit. 3 minutes to convert 1 Step conversion.



Most powerful conversation kit. Due to its additional power compared to our other series, a provided controller will need to be attached to your frame using the accessories provided.



Additional accessories such as an extra battery, tools, controller, thumb throttle or LCD display.


Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Turbocharged Commute

Installed the Switch Two on my Kona commute bike and after a week of rides I absolutely love it. Opted to installed the cabled thumb throttle for minimalist simplicity. Lets me dial in a little (or a lot) assist for getting up to speed after stop lights, or slaying those two hills. The water bottle style battery is secure, easy to remove, easy to charge… I go 10 miles a day and usually recharge it every other. Definitely recommend : )

Thank you so much for your review! We're thrilled to hear that you're loving the Switch Two Electric Bike Kit on your Kona commute bike. The cabled thumb throttle is a great choice for a minimalist setup, and we're glad it's been working well for you. We're also happy to hear that the water bottle style battery has been convenient for your daily rides. Thanks for recommending us, and happy riding!

Timothy Powell
Love it

I’m not a robot. This is the best conversion kit I have found after much research. I am super impressed with everything about my purchase. I would recommend e switch to anyone. The set up was super quick and very simple. I’m considering purchasing another one.

Hi Timothy,

Thank you so much for your positive review! We are thrilled to hear that our Switch Two Electric Bike Kit exceeded your expectations and that you found it easy to set up. We appreciate your recommendation and hope to see you again soon for another purchase. Happy riding!

Yaniv C
Great product, mileage could be better.

The reality is that it takes about 30 minutes to really get this done. Installing the tire takes maybe 5 minutes, but then theres the rest. Installing the throttle, installing the display, tightening everything and cleaning up. Not bad by any means but not 5 minutes either. Also, theres no way this get 37 miles. Maybe it it were power assisting or if you went 5-8 MPH but if you are pressing the throttle down, which is probably how most will use it, youll get MAYBE 15 miles.

Hi Yaniv!

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Switch Two Electric Bike Kit. We appreciate your feedback and are glad to hear that overall you are happy with the product. We understand that the installation process may take longer than expected. As for the mileage, we apologize if it did not meet your expectations. The estimated 37 miles range is based on various factors such as terrain, weight, and usage. For example, that range has been tested on a 155LB rider weight, using a road bike with power pedal assist level set at 30% on flat surface. As you mentioned, using the throttle at times without pedal assist function will decrease the mileage, as well as uphills, rider weight and bike weight will all play a huge effect on the mileage. We suggest trying different settings and speeds to maximize the range. We hope this helps and thank you for choosing our product!

Karen S.
Old Lady With A Purpose

OMG. What a thrill! My bike is an old beach cruiser hybrid. I didn’t think this kit would work. Did a tune up on some basics that were necessary and put it all together in about 30 minutes. Not bad for a soon to be 65 year old woman. Before you know it I was off and running. I’ve always been active in sports and just wanted something to help me stay healthy and moving. I've been riding around town and at the beach and loving every minute of it. So far no issues. Don’t be afraid to talk to Customer Service they will answer all your questions and very kind.

Hi Karen,

Thank you so much for your review! We are thrilled that our Switch Two Electric Bike Kit has been a great addition to your beach cruiser. We're happy to hear that our Customer Service team was able to assist you, and we hope you continue to enjoy your rides. Keep it up, you're an inspiration!

Drake Harrison
Pretty nice e-bike kit

Before having the e-switchy I frequently used my Treck bicycle to get to and from work. I've always wanted more oomph for going faster or up hills. I sprung for the e-switchy two because I needed to have a removable battery that I could take inside away from the frigid temperatures the bike might be left out in. The kit arrived packed in a nice box. I'm pretty tool savy but it took me a lot longer than it was supposed to for me to assemble it. There's two options for a throttle that it comes with. I decided to go with the wired manual one. It's one less device for me to charge and with how I ride I either want the motor on or off and don't need all the special features. It comes with this extension thing for attaching the throttle if there's no more room on your handlebars but if you use it then your thumb won't be able to reach it. Instead what I did was cut off an inch of my right handlebar grip with a chop saw. Then I slid the throttle on to the bar with the grip. My thumb now reaches the throttle perfectly. The power and range work as advertised. I'm able to use higher gear settings both when I'm on a flat surface or ascending a huge hill. I of course still have to shift the bike into a much lower setting and pedal to get up a hill but I don't have to do it in the lowest setting like I used to. The whole thing isn't that heavy, I can still lift the bike up with the battery installed. My one gripe so far that even when you follow the instructions the 700c wheel I got isn't centered between the two forks on the front of the bike. I don't think this is an issue besides how the front rim breaks land on it, which is important. I got some special washers I'm hoping to space the wheel to where it needs to be. I'd recommend this product to whoever is interested.

Hi Drake,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review for our Switch Two Electric Bike Kit. We are glad to hear that you are enjoying the added power and range that it provides for your commute.

We apologize for any trouble you may have had with the assembly process and are happy to hear that you were able to find a solution for the throttle placement. It's great to know that the power and range are working as advertised for you.

Regarding the wheel centering issue, please keep in mind that you can always adjust the placement of the tab washers to ensure that the wheel is perfectly centered between the forks. You can either place both tab washers inside or both outside of the fork to achieve an equal distance. We hope this helps and we appreciate your recommendation to others.

Ride on!

Switch Two electric bike kit is to convert any bicycle into an e-bike and the battery is removable and charges the phone using USB